Upės Apartamentai

About Real Estate development project Upes Apartamentai (River Apartments)

Upės apartamentai is a 40-apartment, two-storey project by the Nemunas River, where everyone who values exceptional quality in their daily life can create their own life. The apartments are planned in such a way that the residents can see the largest river in Lithuania through their living room windows, which is what makes this project unique.

Our task for developing the upesapartamentai.lt

The aim of the website is to invite the user who has been led to the website through an advertisement to fill in a contact form.

How we handled it?

Information gathering

The client had a very clear idea of what the website should be, how it should be structured and of what the functionalities. We had to fulfil the client’s wish for a light, functional website.

Planning of the upesapartamentai.lt architecture

So first of all, we have researched the keywords and have structured the information pieces & the relationships between them. Using Figma we have sketched a screen blueprint that depicted the layout of all the pages (content, interface elements, navigational systems, and how they work together), responsive design for mobile phones included.

Designing & programming the upesapartamentai.lt

Keeping the user’s attention was key. We set the goal that within a short journey through the website, the user would understand the apartments, the benefits and want to get in touch. We wanted the contact form to take very little time to complete.

Main colours, the icons & buttons, typography & colour schemes, spacing, imagery – everything was designed with a target in mind.


GPYR Upes Apartamentai Kaune website design for homepage

Homepage of the upesapartamentai.lt

GPYR Upes Apartamentai Kaune website design for homepage slogan

A tagline for upesapartamentai.lt , which consists of two elements: the keywords we recommended and the emotional appeal that client insisted

GPYR Upes Apartamentai Kaune website design icons

The challenge: to get away from other property developers' promises about apartments. In reality, this is very difficult, so we have chosen criteria that are actually relevant to their audience: floor area, number of people in the house, energy class. We didn't reinvent the wheel and illustrated it with clean line icons.

GPYR Upes Apartamentai Kaune website design for contact form

The aim of the website is that when a user sees an advertisement for a project, he or she will immediately contact through a form that is as simple as possible. After that the selling part is done by the managers.