About Real Estate Development Company Plote

The company UAB “Plote” helps clients in a process of building his house. Plote takes  care of all the processes, paperwork and management of the construction teams in-house, and builds, installs and delivers the house to the client within a year.

Our task for creating the website

The main purpose of the new website was to explain the service and make it easy for primary users (families).

How we handled it?

Information gathering

The client had a very clear idea of what the website should be, how it should be structured and of what the functionalities. We had to fulfil the client’s wish for a light, functional website.

Planning of the architecture

So first of all, we have researched the keywords and have structured the information pieces & the relationships between them.

How to explain in the shortest possible time that the company can help the client in every step of the process of building their future home, starting from the purchase of the land to the construction of the house?

How to answer accurately and concisely the questions that may arise for the client in this highly complex process of house building?

Using Figma we have sketched a screen blueprint that depicted the layout of all the pages (content, interface elements, navigational systems, and how they work together), responsive design for mobile phones included.

Designing the

We have conducted user research and competitor analysis and found out that clarity of servce is a key element that users of want. This was also our chance to help the client in his business goal.

So we have chosen a very clean and spacious visual representation. Composing the information elements of a website was all about guiding the user through all the answers. We answered questions warmly, unobtrusively and accurately throughout the journey all the way to the contact form. Along the way, we also present a price table where they could compare what kind of house they can get for what amount of money.

Soft animation and effects were used to support the impression of the journey and to reinforce that the journey is clear, structured and smooth.

It’s live. SEO thinking.

After the launch of the made sure that fundamental SEO elements are there and website meets the criteria for successful SEO. The website is now beautiful, functional and serves the purpose.

GPYR Plote website design homepage

Homepage of - jus a clear image of the house that could be user's in a year.

GPYR Plote website design arguments

Services explained - just 4 stages and the house is ready.

GPYR Plote website design pricing

The table of the prices - of course there are always many unknowns, but the promise is there - choose the house from and get to understand the price.

GPYR Plote website design contact form

Unobtrusive, short and simple contact form.