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About Hair Products e-Shop ellips.lt

An e-shop for hair products with the idea of educating people on proper hair care and health.

Our task for re-designing the website

The main purpose of the new website was to represent Ellips vitamins in an unobtrusive, very neat and aesthetically pleasing way. The design and functionality of the earlier e-store did not create a sense of order, the problem of customers not completing their purchase was also present. The secondary objective was to spread awareness of Ellips products through content on hair care and health, so it was important to create a readable blog.

How we handled it?

Information gathering

In the first Q&A session we have talked about main pains such as user unfriendly display of products, difficult search, complicated check-out process; not responsive and inconsistent design, confusing navigation and difficult website CMS management for the admins.

We have talked quit a bit about the purpose & Kpi’s of the website. How to convince people of the quality of your product and make it easier to buy.

We’ve worked out what kind of user group is the most important to be reached and appealed.

One of the most important things that had to attract the attention of the target audience was a test to determine the condition of the hair and what products to use.

Then we’ve started the discussion on content, visuals and SEO. The client wanted it clearer, shorter, easier to read and find.

Planning of the ellips.lt architecture

Using Figma we have sketched a screen blueprint that depicted the layout of all the pages (content, interface elements, navigational systems, and how they work together), responsive design for mobile phones included.

Designing the ellips.lt

The client gave us a very clear idea of what kind of e-shop the buyers wanted. The client’s brief was clear and very precise, so the designer just had to put the words into a shapes& colours.

The brand (logo and main colours) were slightly refreshed, different fonts selected so overall feel of the experience with the website improved significantly. The icons & buttons, typography & colour schemes, spacing, imagery – everything was designed with a more targeted e-commerce in mind.

Now the shop will reach the desired audience and fulfil their wishes plus remain completely functional across all devices.


We wanted to customize the functionality and appearance of the site. We’ve chosen WordPress as ellips.lt website platform, and used it together with WooCommerce for a smooth e-commerce functionality. We have created custom theme, custom test tool and spiced it up with nice chunk of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP coding.

Testing of the ellips.lt

We have checked the website for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, performance and made it live and accessible to the public.

It’s live. What next?

Business KPI’s started to be reached almost immediately. The feedback from the users was not les then exceptional.


GPYR Ellips design homepage

The hompage of ellips.lt

GPYR Ellips design homepage product display

The product display on the homepage of ellips.lt

GPYR Ellips Test page

The test page of ellips.lt

GPYR Ellips Test Results page

The test results page of ellips.lt

GPYR Ellips design homepage product categories

The product categories of ellips.lt

GPYR Ellips design product page

The product page of ellips.lt

GPYR Ellips design cart page

The cart page of ellips.lt