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EDU Vilnius cares about the quality of education in Vilnius. It works in six areas of activity, which are dedicated to the development of Vilnius’ educational leaders, vice-principals, teachers and the whole educational community.

Our task for re-designing the website

The main purpose of the new website was to represent the organization and make it easy for primary users (teachers in this case) to find what they need (information, announcements, courses).

How we handled it?

Information gathering

In the first Q&A session we have talked about main pains such as user unfriendly search, not responsive and inconsistent design, very confusing navigation and difficult website CMS management for the admins.

In this session, it became apparent that the organisation had not mapped out its activities so that they could be clearly communicated to users. A lot of time was spent on clarifying what the user needs to see and understand, what information is redundant or very internal.

We’ve worked out what kind of user group is the most important to be reached and appealed.

Then we’ve started the discussion on content, visuals and SEO. The client wanted it clearer, shorter, easier to read and find.

Planning of the architecture

So first of all, we have researched the keywords and have structured the information pieces & the relationships between them. Using Figma we have sketched a screen blueprint that depicted the layout of all the pages (content, interface elements, navigational systems, and how they work together), responsive design for mobile phones included.

Designing the

We have been provided by the design book. So after conducting user research and competitor analysis our aim was to adapt the established style to the structure.

Testing of the

Most important stage after the development, was testing. We have checked the website for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, performance and made it live and accessible to the public.

It is live. What is next?

Lessons learnt from this project:

  • it doesn’t help the smooth running of a project when the client’s team changes. New people usually want to implement their ideas even though the project is already halfway through.
  • content, content, content. What looks nice with “lorem ipsum” can turn into an insurmountable task in reality, if for various reasons the copywriting is stuck (especially, this is a problem in cases where the client does not want to buy “copywriting services” and says that they will do the work themselves. In reality, this is the most time-consuming activity.
  • SEO thinking needs to be synchronised between the implementers and the client, otherwise the further development of the website stops.


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