About the Future Biomedicine Foundation (lith. Ateities Biomedicinos Fondas)

The Future Biomedicine Foundation was established in 2022 by Professor Arvydas Janulaitis, a pioneer of modern biotechnology in Lithuania, who invited other prominent Lithuanian scientists and representatives of modern business to join his team. The aim of the Foundation is to provide researchers with additional opportunities to develop biomedical research in Lithuania, with priority given to science and studies related to personalised medicine.

Our task for creating the website

We were approached to make the website presenting the main ideas of the Foundation.

The main purpose of the website is to introduce researchers to the possibility of funding their research and make the process for them as smooth as possible.

How we handled it?

Information gathering

In the first Q&A session we have talked about the main goal to attract researchers to apply for funding. As this usually involves a lot of bureaucracy, we wanted to make the process as simple as possible along the way, without sacrificing proper academic seriousness.

We have worked out a three-step path. The researcher finds out the criteria for funding (1), downloads the application form (2), and sends the completed form securely (3).

A secondary objective was to create and incorporate into the website a non-intrusive opportunity for everyone to donate to the activities of this Foundation.

Planning of the abfondas.lt architecture

So first of all, we have researched the keywords and have structured the information pieces & the relationships between them. Using Figma we have sketched a screen blueprint that depicted the layout of all the pages (content, interface elements, navigational systems, and how they work together), responsive design for mobile phones included.

Designing the abfondas.lt

We have conducted user research and competitor analysis and found out that clarity of navigation, the solidity of the founders, and the research already funded are key elements that future users of abfondas.lt might want.

The brand (logo and main colours) were newly created by other agency, so we just had to use them to achieve our goals for website.

The icons & buttons, typography & colour schemes, spacing, imagery – everything was designed with a solid yet innovative website in mind.


We’ve chosen WordPress as abfondas.lt website platform, created custom theme, we’ve sorted out a smooth solution of collecting donations.

Testing of the abfondas.lt and deploying it

We have checked the website for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, performance and made it live and accessible to the public.

Now, we had to think about SEO rankings.  There were many boxes to check writing the articles, optimizing images to shorten loading times, writing meta descriptions, allowing search engine crawlers access to the  site easily, submitting an XML sitemap for better indexing, thinking about backlinks. There are still work to be done, but overall result is so satisfying to both us and to an demanding team of the Future Biomedicine Foundation.


GPYR Ateities Biomedicinos Fondas homepage design

Abfondas.lt homepage design - aim for solid, yet innovative, trustworthy image and clear message.

GPYR Ateities Biomedicinos Fondas Application process design

Abfondas.lt design for application steps. Description, criteria for election and application steps have been highlighted by the choice of a black background and put into a structure where a simple process can be seen at a glance.

GPYR Ateities Biomedicinos Fondas Team member design

Abfondas.lt team section. We had to decide how to represent the Shareholders, the Team, the Council and the Board in a lean but respectful way. Here we have chosen a conservative style. Innovation is revealed through the fold-out person cards.