Awarded the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate

Written November 01, 2022 by gpyrltadmin

GPYR web development company (registration name MB Puikūs metai) has been awarded the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate

Puikus metais GPYR Strongest in Lithuania by Credit info

The Strongest in Lithuania certificate confirms that a web development company GPYR (MB Puikūs metai) is reliable. The certificate is issued by the largest credit information system of Lithuanian companies Creditinfo.

The certificate indicates a good economic position and financial results of the company, as well as its proper payment discipline. This is proof of the contribution to the development of the Lithuanian economy and honest business culture.

The most important criterions awarding the Strongest in Lithuania certificate are high rates of solvency.


What is the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate?

“Strongest in Lithuania” is a certificate awarded to financially sound Lithuanian companies, proving that the company has a good credit history.

The certificate confirms that the company is reliable and highly likely to meet its financial obligations in the future. It reflects a company’s good economic standing and financial performance, as well as its contribution to Lithuania’s economic development and fair business culture.

The “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate is an independent external confirmation of a company’s credibility, which builds mutual trust, facilitates risk assessment and creates long-term value.


Is the “Strongest” rating international?

Creditinfo Lietuva started providing this certification service ten years ago, following the example of Scandinavian countries.

The Strongest In certificate is widely used and known not only in Scandinavia, but also in all the Baltic countries – Strongest In Estonia is in its fifteenth year, Strongest In Latvia in its fifth.


What are the criteria used to certify companies?

The most important assessment criterion for the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate is a high credit rating, which indicates a low predicted statistical probability of default for 90 days or more in the next 12 months.

The solvency of companies is assessed and the rating is determined on the basis of the credit history of the company, which consists of the company’s performance in meeting its financial obligations, its payment history, its financial results and changes in these results, such as changes in revenues, profits, liquidity, equity and other financial ratios.

It also takes into account business linkages, foreclosures, the state of the sector and other relevant information. In total, more than 100 different variables are taken into account in determining a credit rating, which have different effects on a company’s rating.


How many certified companies are there?

According to Creditinfo Lithuania, more than 15,000 companies have been certified as the “Strongest in Lithuania” over the past 9 years. The most frequent applicants for the certificate are trade, services, manufacturing, construction and transport companies. MB Puikūs metai could be found in the list of the strongest companies.


About GPYR web development company (registration name MB Puikūs metai)

GPYR website development agency was established in 2019. It provides services in the field of website UX /UI,  programming, SEO and IT projects management. Clients include real estate agencies, law firms, beauty agencies, financial advisors, foundations, NGOs and state-owned companies.

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